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RacingSportsCars update

Press Release - photogalleries Sportscars, Formula 1 and European Touring Car Championship

We are pleased to say that we have finally managed to prepare the largest ever update of RSC archives after almost three months of silence. We had to process over five thousands of photos, half of which was used to update the RSC website. Under these circumstances among with some other non-motorsports activities and our job, it wasn't possible for example to add details and data of 2006 races. So the photos of four 2006 events are shown without any data or statistical information.

Along with 2006 Daytona, Sebring and Belcar archives you can find a lot of photos from Formula 1, Touring Car, Spa 24 Hours, IMSA, World Championship of Makes, many Le Mans updates since 1980, some Thundersports races, and also a few new pictures from series like International Sports Racing Series, FIA GT (rare race in Helsinki), DRM, BPR, Euro GT, Grand-Am, Interserie, Supercup, Trans-Am and the first ever photos from one-make series called Jaguar Challenge that was run in 1991 with identical XJR-15s. Along with Procar BMW M1 it is the only single-make championship that we decided to cover. Altogether there are almost 80 races updated and another nearly 80 races quite new in the archive. For a complete list, please, visit this link http://www.racingsportscars.com/updates.html.

Kind regards,
Racing Sports Cars

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Racing Sports Cars

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Článek publikován: 27.04.2006
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