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RacingSportsCars update

Press Release - photogalleries Sportscars, Formula 1 and European Touring Car Championship

Dear Friends,

this is the final update of RSC website this year before a launch of ETCC archive early next year. This time we have got some big updates of Le Mans 24 Hours races regarding almost all events between 1984 and 1992 plus some more earlier years. IMSA updates are weaker this time with just few photos from the Sebring races (1977 and 1986). Some more photos we have added into World Sportscar Championship races section, mainly Brands Hatch 1000 kms 1968 but also some Spa and Nürburgring races from the 1970s. The WSC races update is completed with some very nice photos of missing cars from Spa 1000 kms 1985. Another very rare update includes photos from the one-off USRRC race at Augusta that was held in 1964, first ever RSC photos from European 2-litre Sportscars Championship 1972, and our favourite Interserie from 1973, by far the oldest photos from the series available in the RSC archive. All that is supported by several other smaller updates as well as usual bunch of 2005 races additions. For complete list of updates with direct links to updated pages we would like to recommend you as usually to continue at this link: http://www.racingsportscars.com/updates.html.

We still search for new opportunities to improve the RSC Photo Archive with new photos, especially those from 50s, 60s, 70s and Group C/GTP era, so we would like to encourage anybody to try to contact new photographers and contributors to help us to fill in the gaps. Any collection of photos, programme covers and entry lists are always very appreciated.

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Racing Sports Cars

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