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Nové Picchio CN na fotografii

První představení vozu

První sportovní prototyp skupiny CN, který splňuje další problematický výtrus FIA, teda tzv. crash-test, byl představen v uplynulých dnech v Itálii. Jedná se o vůz Picchio. Všechny NOVÉ prototypy skupiny CN, které budou vyrobeny resp. Otestovány po 1.1.2005 musí již projít crash-testem, jinak nebudou na závody FIA připuštěny. Takže pro ty, kteří snad doma takový vůz staví, měli by vše dokončit ještě letos…

Konstruktér Ing. Di Pietroantonio

Jezdci Iaquinta a Vitacolonna


The Picchio factory, with the presentation of the new racing car called Light, completes its range of products on the “low line”. Besides the new light car of 2000 cm3 power, the factory has got, in the products’ list, also the Sr2 of 3000 cm3 and the powerful Daytona Prototype of 5000 cm3 for the USA market.

The Light Picchio embodies all the Picchio design experience because it summarizes in a sole product a great manufacturing care, innovation and excellent safety to the crash test.

The designers and engineers were actually tied to create a product able to pass with flying colours the new tests provided by FIA about safety issues; the experimental results have been really good because the survival cell, under the heavy solicitations induced by the capsizing and the impact tests against a still obstacle, remained practically non-deformed. This results were obtained thanks to the chassis structure in high-resistance steel tube frame and to the deformable structures that instead absorbed the impact and the solicitations that would load on the driver otherwise. About this issue, the Light Picchio car already got a record: it is the first car in the world, in the FIA CN class, to pass the provided crash tests. The engineers went further as well while looking after the passive safety issues, because they realized a driving seat able to keep the driver safe even beyond the regulations limits, making that, in case of impact, the suspensions or parts of suspensions don’t hit the driver in his place.

The Light Picchio is also a racing car anyway, so it must be winning: so many innovations were put together and a lot of them will be registered in the near future. The position of the engine and gearbox is in fact totally innovative with regards to the driver’s position in the car, and even if the car still has got a classic longitudinal rear position, the distribution of the weights has been optimized so to have an unusual load on the front part.

The record value of the polar moment of inertia allowed to obtain a car that is thought to be ready to follow the driver’s commands while limiting the steering dive that usually bothers the rear-engine powered racing cars.

The aerodynamics is the distinguishing sign of modern racing cars and Picchio worked on this aspect very carefully not only by “optimising what was optimisable”, but also by proposing new solutions for the class of cars. It has been manufactured a high permeability bodywork, with a particularly limited front section. The aerodynamics appendixes ensure a high load even at low speed without damaging the permeability at high speed. In the front part there are not aerodynamics appendixes because all the load is obtained through the peculiar shaping of the nose and underbody.

In order to obtain the maximum competitiveness it is necessary to ensure a good vehicle dynamics, so the ensemble of chassis and suspensions has been thoroughly designed, both to obtain a particularly stiff chassis and to optimize the suspensions’ kinematic behaviour.

In this issue, as well as in others, the Picchio Light got a record: it is the first sport car that has got a mono-shock absorber system both in the rear and in the front. This choice, together with particularly long suspensions arms, ensures a constant behaviour even with the full bumps that usually come at hill climbing races.

The innovation went through even with the engine and the way it is attached to the chassis. Galetti, who prepared the engine, got specific agreement with Picchio: they developed a specific version for Picchio in order to make the engine particularly well performing and part of the chassis stiffness.

Last but not least: the design. It is well known that Picchio has got a proper style department, that also this time made an excellent job, putting together at the best the Picchio family feeling with the new aerodynamics needs and the will to create a product line that can become a value in time. This choice was made because the Picchio staff believes that beautiful things, once they finish the task they were created for, still must keep a high value in time like artworks.

The development schedule of the Picchio Light will start with the support of Picchio engineers in collaboration with Ivan Butti. The official driver Rosario Iaquinta, the Picchio CN2 will take part to the Italian Hill Climbing Championship.

The team will have to work hard and long, because the innovations are substantial and important on the car so that they will have to get a big load of data, but after that – probably within the year – the new car will be able to get victories. It is scheduled also the manufacturing of a track version, that will come out at the end of the year: the official driver Alessandro Vitacolonna will be attending to the development of this track car, both in Italy races and USA races according with the Picchio racing plans.

The CN2 is suitable for racing in European Hill Climbing Races as well, because the regulations come from FIA as well.

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Special thanks to Picchio S.p.A.

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