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Fabio Danti - the legend forever

Still in our minds

Fabio Danti

Fabio Danti – the name which reminds us an Italian champion of the driving wheel who was double Champion of Europe and Champion of Italy as well in sporting cars. He died as a young man on 3.6.2000 during training for Italian Championship in Caprino-Spiazzi. He crashed into safeguarding barrier in one of the last curve in high speed and he died at 17:10.

Fabio started his racer path on Renault R5GT Turbo in hillclimb racing and in rallye. He obtained the second position in group N in national hillclimb championship in 1991. He tried his luck in go-karts as well in 1992 but he managed to obtain the second position among prototypes in the next season with Lucchini Alfa Romeo. Several absolute wins, especially in the middle of the second season 1994, gave him winning of Italian Championship of sport cars.

The year 1994

He tried the European Hillclimb Championship in 1995 and when he didn’t know bitter of beating, he obtained the title of European Champion. He overcame a few of records of the tracks. When he started at Czech Ecce Homo in 1996, he confirmed his winning European line with the same result.

Eyes of the European Champion in 1995

The year 1996

Fabio Danti changed open spiders for Czech cars with regard to his working activities with Czech company Skoda in Italy. He went from one winning to others on Italian supersalitas in his group. He changed Skoda Octavia, Felicie Kit-Car or Octavia Turbo and Octavia Wagon. He was unconquerable with all of these cars. He appeared on prototype again in season 1998 (in St. Ursanne in Switzerland) and he knocked down Pasqual Irlando who was his successor at European seat. Fabio started with prototype as well in 1999 and he won in a free race Maranello with borrowed car from Italian Franco Cinelli.

The 2000 year season became the last chapter of Fabio Danti. He entered the European Championship with two winnings. He came back to this Championship after three years break. He had some problems at the third race in Portugal at training and at race as well. He couldn’t solve them and that is why he “only” finished at the second position. He told by himself that all would be OK, at 100 % for the next race in Czech republic (Ecce Homo). He was looking forward to it. His start at native championship in Caprino-Spiazzi close to Verona was maybe preparing for it. It was the first weekend in June. It was the last moment of his time behind driving wheel. Unfortunately, he didn’t participate the race in Sternberk and he will never participate in any other race...

Rechberg in 2000

His life was finished very soon, his successes and a magic of him have always stayed written into statistics and into race results but also in memory of all people who saw him during the race... You can see the video with his drive here

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