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RacingSportsCars Fotogalleries update

Press Release - photogalleries Sportscars, Formula 1 and European Touring Car Championship

This is probably the last major update this year. It includes some late 2006 season races, mainly FIA GT & GT3, ALMS and some other Le Mans Series races worldwide including photos from obscure race at Okayama taken by a famous journalist, Janos Wimpffen. Other updates include, as usually, wide range of races and championships. We would like to name for example Le Mans 1978-1981, some early 80s IMSA races, notable updates of some 60s races at Sebring, two Kyalami 9-Hour races from the early 70s, a little from DRM 1977 and 1981, very rare Interserie race from Zolder 1976, Watkins Glen GP meeting in 1958 plus some other few SCCA Nationals from that era and Grand Prix RACB held in Spa 1957. For touring car fans we have also added several new editions of famous Spa 24 Hours, namely years 1967, 1968, 1975, 1977, 1995 and 1996.

One of the races, Santa Barbara 1959, is listed without a date. We really could not recognize, which race it was but the photos were so nice that we put it on line even without correct race identification. If anybody could help to sort this race out, we would appreciate such help very much.

Finally, there is a plan to re-build entire Racing Sports Cars website using new technologies, especially ASP.NET 2.0, which would allow us to add some new features, for example displaying photos of individial car/chassis in different races (thus opportunity to see the history of the car), or to show photos of cars driven by selected driver, to display all races held on selected track etc. Probably some login system will be included as well but it will not affect ability to view current content in any way, may be it could be used for website settings and adjustments, or for making available some new features, which may for example include a list full results of races not in RSC Photo Archive yet, maybe for reporting errors and additional information or so. It may take two years till that happen, we do not know yet, but for now we would like to ask you to send us any suggestions how the site functionality or design could be improved to better fulfil your needs. If we like it, it might be included in the new project.

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Racing Sports Cars

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Článek publikován: 05.12.2006
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