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Serra Da Estrela - Race report


“Surprise from Spanish Barchettas” and F. Silva was best national”

If Giulio Regosa didn’t push a little bit in the last climb, we can say that Simone Faggioli had a “soft” weekend at Estrela. The Italian won again this year, and is in the fight for the European title....

ACP organiser could achieve to made all the event “inside” the pre-stablished timetable, and so the Serra da Estrela Hillclimb, was an extremely interesting, competitive and safe race, followed by thousands of spectators, very well placed along all the track.

Speaking about winners, we can note that Simone Faggioli returned to wins, and we can even say that the italian driver was “superior” during all the race. But it was not easy, because his team was forced to do “extra-hours” in order to replace the Fito’s broken engine of the Osella PA21, to start the Portuguese race:

«It was a great work from all the team, that were forced to return to Italy, replace the engine, and bring it back again... One week to be able to win here! I am very pleased with this victory, and I expect to continue with those wins, and could fight again for the europeean championship. The organisers were again grate as well as the security. This is the best hill climb of all the championship.».

In the other categories there were no surprises: Group A won by Jaromir Maly, who beated António da Cunha by 5 seconds; In group N, Peter Jurena was an easy winner in front of Voves and Chavin, and finally in Sp and GT , the winners were Vojacek and Silvana di Feo..

Final notes for national championship, won by Ferreira da Silva, once again fastest than José Pedro Gomes, and António Nogueira, who beats António Barros in H76. The Spanish Barchettas were also very fast, and a good solution for the national hill climb championship for the future.

CHAMPIONSHIPS: EUROPEAN – (CN) – 1st - Faggioli, 40; 2nd - Bormolini e Kramsky, 37; 4th - Regosa, 32; 5th - Merli, 29; 6th - Zerla 11; 7th - Cinelli, 10; 8th - Caldani, 8; 9th - Ballatori, 4; 10th - Zaunder... (GRA) – 1st Maly, 55; 2nd - Rodriguez e Loeber, 20; (GRN) 1st - Jurena, 47; 2nd - Weidinger, 40; 3rd - Voves, 37... (SP) – 1st - Vojacek, 60; 2nd - Doubek, 42; 3rd - Martin, 39.

NACIONAL – (CAT 1) – 1st - F. Silva, 20; 2nd - A. Cunha, 16; 3rd - J. Teixeira, 12... (CAT 2) 1st - A. Barros e A. Nogueira, 18; 3rd - J. Monteiro, 6; (CAT 4); 1st - A. Nogueira, 10; 2nd - P. Gomes, 9; 3rd - P. Dias, 6.

COVILHA, 22 de MAIO, of 2005

Autor: Luis Caramelo/P  (Všechny články autora)
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Článek publikován: 23.05.2005
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