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Serra da Estrela 2008 - Race information

Press release

Race climb ends with French win…


After beat several times the track record, still during the first official climb held during Saturday evening, Lionel Regal confirmed his favoritism in the two Sunday runs, granting a clear and unquestionable win.

The Reynard Oil driver, was always very “cool”, during all sessions, and his adversaries, with no possibilities of fight for the victory, discussed only the lower places of the podium, and let the French driver taste a deserved win.

To Lionel Regal it was a very important win, got in a «very technical and competitive track, were I’ve felt very well. I have take some risks during the first official climb, trying to get some advantage and I have now the track record… Today I have run also with a great wish tom win, and almost did an equal time. It was a very pleasant win, in an event with a perfect organization, maybe the best I’ve found in all Europe. Congratulations to the organizers – who know and listen the drivers and understand their needs – who have made an excellent even in Serra da Estrela.”

Taking all the risks in the last climb, Pedro Salvador, had to go very fast even with rain tyres, but he made a spin and leave the “national” win in Paulo Ramalho “hands”, who also won the CN category, beating Lionel Champelovier, who did the last climb with the track a little bit more wet.

Final notes to the podium, completed by Simone Faggioli (Osella PA 27) and Lazlo Szasz (Reynard) ando to António Nogueira (Porsche) who beat the Ferraris in the GT class

Good race for Enrique Siquer, 7th overall and 1st in the CM class, and victory in Group A to Nico Pulic, and to Jakes Miroslav in Group N. Petr Vojacek was also first in Groupe SP.

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