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Rampa Serra da Estrela - Press Release Race


And the rain came as expected!

Preview very early in the morning, the second Race Climb, took place many time after the second free practice session, which started at 8h00, because of a big storm over Covilha and Rampa Serra da Estrela, obliging the organizers to delay the climbs, for security reasons.

Even so it was a great race between all the different classes, and the drivers were able to climb between real stormy showers, with some surprising times; Milan Svovoda was during some minutes a “virtual” winner, and others like Paulo Ramalho, Ferreira da Silva and António Nogueira, achieved results between the favourites, showing great driving facilities in a wet and very slippery surface, founded in almost all the track.

The decision, was only in the last race climb – also in delay because of the rain and fog – when Anders Vilarino attacked the lead, profiting of the fact that in the second climb was slowest than the others, only to test the car reactions under rain conditions, getting confidence to run fast in the end.

Even so, for him and Pedro Salvador, as well as to the other fastest drivers, the most important climb was the first one, ran during Saturday, because it was run in dry conditions, marking all the differences between all the classes and groups.

In the other categories, we must sign the group N domination over the Group A cars, explainable because of the fact that all group N Cars are 4x4 – really more easy to drive wet conditions – and the facilities found by António Nogueira, who beat everybody driving is spectacular Porsche 911 Turbo against the beautiful Ferraris.

In the National Hill Climb Championship, the highlights go to Pedro Salvador win, but also to the chronos made by Paulo Ramalho under the rain. António Barros was the fastest in the Historic Class an Manuel Ferreira da Silva, unhappy during practice days could at least win between the group P.

Despite the problems with the weather conditions, the organizers showed happy about their job in the weekend, and all the drivers had the same opinion, and gave compliments to the race direction, mainly in all the aspects regarding the demanding safety matters.

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Článek publikován: 20.05.2007
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