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Rampa Serra da Estrela - Press Release Training


The firsd race day of the Rampa International Serra da Estrela – Cidade da Covilha, was full of great emotions, but each category favorites, were confirmed at the end, after the pratice hill climbs as well as the first of three race climbs. Anders Vilarino leads until now the CEM categories, and between the “nationals” it’s Pedro Salvador the fastest driver.

During the practice Climbs, Anders Vilarino only had some “opposition” from Renzo Napione, with the Spanish driver having some complains about the “set-up” of his Reynard suspension. Several times Anders almost spun, and in those occasion he lost many time but still keep is first place…

For the 2nd practice climb, all was Ok at least. The Spanish driver achieved a time near 2m34s, loosing two seconds in the 1st Race Climb – but winning… - without a concrete explanation.

In the other categories, of the European Hill Climb Championship, the highlight’s go to the “other” Vilarino” between the “barchettas”, and the hard race of Leonardo Isolani and his Ferrari 575, who really surprised António Nogueira, which complained about many small problems during the different climbs.

Peter Jurena was fastest in group N, after a practice domination, from Nico Pulic, Giobbi had no opposition in group S, as well, Vaclac Janic (Alfa Romeo) in group A, and the “usual” Petr Vojacek, between SP.

Talking about the National Hill Climb Championship, all is very “cool” behind Pedro Salvador, who seemed no to be running in the top of his possibilities… The five seconds difference to Paulo Ramalho, explains very well that he is really the fastest, but last year he was even fastest.

Paulo Ramalho with his Juno SSE, leads a group of Spanish drivers also driving “BRC barchettas”, trying to follow Pedro Salvador, but not even achieving to get close the Portuguese driver.

In the other categories. no surprises at all:

António Barros with his Porsche was – naturally – the fastest between the Historic Cars, with the BMW of Luís Nóvoa in the second place, but a little far away from Barros, and Luis Prazeres leads in group P…

For tomorrow another two race climbs… and the rain is expected for the end of the morning

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